Wesnoth Creepypasta--Loyalist Campaign (9 Scenarios) Now on 1.18

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Wesnoth Creepypasta--Loyalist Campaign (9 Scenarios) Now on 1.18

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Wesnoth Creepypasta is an intermediate campaign designed to introduce new players to the Loyalist faction.

It is also a fictional tale of a Wesnoth campaign maker who disappeared, leaving his final campaign, 'The Nether's Call', unfinished. This campaign pieces together both the history of what happened to him, as well as why the campaign remained unfinished.
My goal in writing this campaign was to finish my set of introductory campaigns, one for every faction, where you play against every other faction.

Thanks to everyone who voted in the poll (I combined all three options) and created insults. This campaign has taken far longer than any of my other campaigns to make, and should be my final one.

Thanks to everyone whose played my campaigns over the years! I'm happy to maintain them and update them according to player feedback. Let me know if you find any bugs here or if the difficulty needs changing!
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