Idea: list subforums on main forum index

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Idea: list subforums on main forum index

Post by GunChleoc »

At the moment, it is hard to see which subforums a forum has, e.g. the "Experimental Corner" is well hidden below "Ideas". I suggest setting phpBB to display those on the forum listing.

For an example on how it would look like, have a look at the phpBB community forums.
  • The setting is in Admin -> Forums.
  • Click on a forum's Settings icon, then set "List subforums in legend:" to "Yes".
  • Click on the subforumns' Settings icon, then set "List subforum in parent-forum’s legend:" to "Yes".
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Re: Idea: list subforums on main forum index

Post by Iris »

Worth noting that I specifically chose the current display without the subforums for simplicity’s sake (not that my opinion is relevant anymore).
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Re: Idea: list subforums on main forum index

Post by WhiteWolf »

I'd also say it would make the front look more elaborate, which is a good thing. In my opinion it is better to see these sub-branches also in the front, perticularily for newcomers.
We are not talking about tens of subforums, so I don't see why it would flood the frontpage, it's just a new line containing 3-4 links at the maximum.
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