The South Guard Nightmare

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The South Guard Nightmare

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I added a nightmare difficulty level to The South Guard! (Sadly, I couldn't come up with a pun for a name like for Nightmare to the Throne.) It is on the add-on server now. I'm not aiming for this difficulty level to be added to the mainline campaign, though I wouldn't object. It's just that this campaign is boringly easy for people who have some experience.

The difficulty is intended to be close to other mainline campaigns that have a Nightmare mode. That makes it a large jump from Normal, which is the hardest difficulty level in the mainline campaign. This made it a little hard to adjust without changing it a lot, so let me know how difficult you think it is.

I did make one change to the way it plays: In scenarios 3 and 4, a hero has to move to a target. If there are no enemies left at all, there is no reason to make the player manually step through the rest of the turns needed to do this. So, if every enemy unit is dead, the hero is moved to the target automatically. Everything else should work just as before on lower difficulty levels, but I didn't playtest them, so it's possible that I introduced a bug. Let me know if you find one.
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