Icentives for a one-legendary-add-on-campaign-per-year

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Icentives for a one-legendary-add-on-campaign-per-year

Post by shevegen »

So ... I played some of the newer campaigns and add-ons. I also re-played some other
ones that were improved.

I think my all-time favorite, though, is still the "to unknown lands" or whatever it was called.

There are also some other very good ones. But this thread here is not so much concerned
about the best campaigns; I already had an older thread.

This thread is more like ... how to get people to do REALLY great, epic campaigns that are
interesting or bring in new ideas or elements?

What would it take to have that?

Ideally a state where you could have one epic campaign per year in addition to any other
stuff people may work on.

A bit like a "google summer of code", but more with the focus on add-ons or campaigns
and experimenting there. Some of that may even make it into core wesnoth, or be
supported therein.

But, how to support that? I guess financial support may be useful, but most probably
this can not really reach "competitive" range, even less so when it takes more people
to work. (And motivation wanes, we all know that.)

I guess some financial incentive may still be useful, though, not so much as a "competitive
salary" or "compensatory" one but simply to get people into the 'psychology' of where
their time investment may get them to receive financial compensation, so that may
be helpful for some folks. But money alone isn't any guarantee for anything; you need
ideas, creativity, knowledge to pull through, a STORY, ideas.

So this is a bit of a brainstorm thread really.

IF we were to want to see more epic campaigns, say one per year, a bit like how
blender3d does a feature film every year (or used to do that), what would need
to happen for this? I guess this question is aimed mostly at those who created
larger campaigns, as they may have a better perspective. That's a genuine question
by the way, I still haven't done a campaign myself (but I have some ideas for the
first scenarios ... so I know the start, but I don't know what to do after a while,
perhaps need a multi-faceted story...)
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Re: Icentives for a one-legendary-add-on-campaign-per-year

Post by Aldarisvet »

No one interested. I wrote a lot of suggestions about Wesnoth at one moment, many the same as yours.

Things need a good management and people cannot agree on adding a new mainline campaign for several years.

Just one thing. I made a campaign with total downloads is about 20k from 1,10 to 1,14 versions. What I got is about 20 feedbacks. This would discourage anyone. This is not a thing connected with my campaign specifically, I know some really good campaigns that have same or worse fate.

So Wesnoth is a bottomless pit/black hole that consumes efforts of UMC creators that produce really a lot of content that doomed to be lost in add-ons server. Much of the content is quite similar in general because it takes mainline campaigns as a standard. People make eras in which, by and large, only sprites differs. In general the gameplay would be the same except some cases where authors really tried to add new features. Instead making 20 UMC campaigns people should better unite efforts and create one really good new mainline campaign but it is hard to implement because of a lot of different reasons. The conclusion - the communism is not working. If everyone do only what pleases him the result would be pathetic.

P. S. What can be done? First is to create a team of damned responsible people. Then create an advertisement on some popular crowdfunding site that this team takes the responsibility to create 3 really awesome Wesnoth mainline campaigns that would improve the gameplay and expand Wesnoth storyline. Third, if enough money is harvested, to fulfill the obligation. I do not think that really a lot of money is needed to pay the team, USD 50-100k probably would be enough and this sum probably can be collected from Wesnoth fans. - everyday something new about Wesnoth
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