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Wesnoth 1.15.10

Post by Pentarctagon »

Wesnoth 1.15.10 is out!

This new release in the 1.15.x development series sees various changes and improvements in various areas.

As this is a development version, we would like to remind everyone how the testing and feedback process works for these:
  • If you download Wesnoth stand-alone, make sure to keep the latest stable release around in case the game breaks and you find yourself unable to get your daily fix of Wesnoth.
  • Playtest the game, and make sure to report any bugs you find! Even obvious bugs can be left unfixed if everyone assumes someone else has already reported it.
  • For any bugs found, or to request new features to be added, check out bug tracker here. First though, please read our instructions for reporting bugs on the wiki, which will give your bug report or feature request the best chance of being addressed.
  • Near the end of the release notes below you will find a list of the most important bugs known at the time of the release. Some items are due to be fixed in future releases of the 1.15.x series, but for others we depend on contributed patches from volunteer coders like you!
World Conquest
The World Conquest campaign has been disabled with this release due to an increasing number of bugs being found in it along with its original maintainer having become inactive. If the bugs remain unfixed and World Conquest continues to not have a maintainer, it is very likely that it will be removed prior to the release of 1.16.

We would very much like for World Conquest to remain in mainline however and would welcome anyone willing to take over maintaining and improving it. Please contact Pentarctagon on either the forums or Discord if this would be something that you'd be interested in doing.
Source code (467.8 MB)
SHA256 sum: e04692d7a48b82a72a25ce895617f248372b01a5675e8356c16d675748a8bc61
Windows installer (64-bit) (436.3 MB)
SHA256 sum: ea2e47d42ea809e3ab35e8d445e9c4a42901abc76e2f7ee7a2825cbd4137b88f
macOS package (480.0 MB)
SHA256 sum: 1b63953ee5f14193ca4f88f829a4ce8d7b2fded9e0cb2887bd8b660bee8f0a1c
Development versions of Wesnoth are available on Steam through our beta channel.
In your Steam library: right-click on Battle for Wesnoth, select Properties, go to the Betas tab, and select the 1.15.x option from the drop down.
All known Linux packagers have been contacted, and binaries for your distribution may have already been created. Information about where to get the respective binaries and how to install them, including via Flatpak, can be found on the Linux binaries page in the wiki.

Changes in this release

Read on for more details about the most notable fixes and additions since the previous development release. A full list of changes may be found in our changelog.
  • Unit Sprites
    New north-facing animations have been added for the Loyalist Bowman, Troll Whelp, and Dunefolk Skirmisher.
    New death animations have been added for the Orcish Grunt.
  • Disengage orb
    The orb above units' hitpoint and experience bars now shows a new state. Units that can move but can't attack are now shown with an orb that is part yellow and part red. This will be shown for Under the Burning Suns' disengage ability and for similar UMC abilities that give extra moves after a character attacks.
  • Delay Advancement modification
    The Delay Advancement modification has been removed in favor of adding the Plan Unit Advancement modification to mainline. This will allow for choosing what a unit should level up into in advance if it levels up on an enemy player's turn in an online multiplayer game.

    Additionally, when your unit levels up on an enemy player's turn in an online multiplayer game, the unit it advances to is no longer random - it will always level up into the first advancement listed on the unit's in-game description page.
  • Command history for in-game consoles
    A basic terminal-style command history functionality using the Up and Down arrow keys has been added to the in-game command inputs used for game/multiplayer/debug mode, formula AI, and unit search.
  • High DPI support
    On high-resolution monitors, the preferences dialog has been resized to work better with high DPI fonts.
  • Game map zoom
    A bug (#5508) causing certain unit animation frame attributes (namely, x/y and directional_x/y) not to be adjusted properly for non-100% map zoom levels has been fixed. This most notably affected the Dune Raider and Falconer mainline units in 1.15.x during their standing animations.
  • Lua engine updated to 5.4
    The built-in Lua engine has been updated from version 5.3 to 5.4. While this is not expected to break most add-ons, there are a few changes in this version that content authors should be aware of, including the removal of APIs that were already deprecated in previous versions of Lua.

    You can find more information in the upstream documentation at Lua.org.
Important changes since 1.14.x
This information applies to all 1.15.x development releases unless specified otherwise.

  • The minimum required version of GCC is now 7.
  • Windows 7 is now the minimum supported version.
  • Wesnoth now supports only the 64-bit versions of Windows.
  • Wesnoth now uses the app sandboxing feature, which means there is a new location for saves. All saves will be migrated during first launch automatically. For info about backwards compatibility see here.
  • Starting with 1.15.5, the minimum required version of macOS is 10.11, and the recommended version is 10.14.
Known Issues
General issues:
  • OneDrive can interfere with Wesnoth’s user config/data directory set-up, leading to all kinds of different manifestations of the issue. There’s no fix available yet. The recommendation for the time being is to avoid syncing the Wesnoth user directory with OneDrive.
  • Preprocessor errors corrupt cache (issue #1924). If this happens you have to wipe your cache. That can be done in Preferences → Cache.

New Contributors and Developers

Do you want to help shape the future of Wesnoth? You are always free to join us in the #development Discord channel or #wesnoth-dev IRC channel on irc.freenode.net to ask for help with getting started!

The multiplayer and add-ons servers for this development series are up and running. Because development versions are a moving target, the development multiplayer server only accepts the latest version in the series. Add-ons may break due to changes to the WML and Lua APIs throughout development series — any problems involving them should be reported to the respective add-on maintainers.

If you find any bugs, do not hesitate to report them, but please read the instructions on how to report bugs first! As bug reports in the forums tend to be forgotten, you will get better results using our bug tracker. We require your help for finding and fixing issues, no matter how obvious, trivial, or complicated they seem!

Have fun!
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Re: Wesnoth 1.15.10

Post by dobrohobo »

I tried downloading this version today 9about 15 minutes ago) and Google advised it was contaminated but gave me the choice to continue installing. When I did so it was immediately locked out by Avast Antivirus as a virus threat so I could not continue. I have nothing more to add but thought I should inform you
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Re: Wesnoth 1.15.10

Post by Pentarctagon »

If you could report it to your antivirus provider that's it's a false positive then that would be appreciated, but otherwise there's not much we can do about overzealous antivirus software.
99 little bugs in the code, 99 little bugs
take one down, patch it around
-2,147,483,648 little bugs in the code
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Re: Wesnoth 1.15.10

Post by chinoteee »

buen dia la descarga es solo por steam? :geek: :geek: :geek:
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Re: Wesnoth 1.15.10

Post by Iris »

chinoteee wrote: February 25th, 2021, 2:30 pm buen dia la descarga es solo por steam? :geek: :geek: :geek:
Los links de descarga directa para Windows y macOS están en el anuncio arriba, junto con el link a la página con información relevante para Linux (incluyendo Flatpak).

The direct download links for Windows and macOS are in the announcement above, alongside the link to the page with relevant information for Linux (including Flatpak).
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