Mod to change level zero recall cost

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Mod to change level zero recall cost

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Has it ever bothered you that recalling level zero units costs 20 gold?

Well, this addon modifies the recall cost for level zero units. The default is set to 10 gold, but that can be adjusted with a slider.

But wait, there's more! What's the use of the discount without a few extra level zero units to recall? You can start campaigns or multiplayer scenarios with a handful of random level zero units in the recall list. Campaigns can be played with these units only at start, or with a few more after every scenario.

And finally, introducing the star of the show: the Trainee Mage. This unit is as hapless as you would expect, but with a twist. Each Trainee has a destiny; it will level up into some random, unexpected level one mage-like unit.

This addon is available on the addon server as "Level Zero Helper", and on github as
I thought I'd try my hand at making a Wesnoth mod, so I hacked this together over a weekend, and would appreciate any testing or feedback. This mod appears to work with the latest 1.14 and 1.15 builds.


For all scenarios, only human controlled sides that can recruit are given extra recalls. If a side is given human control after the scenario starts, it won't get any.

This mod is very new, don't be surprised if there are bugs.

Edit: Change name of mod to "Level Zero Helper"
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