Non-Fatal Wounds, a no-permadeath mod

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Non-Fatal Wounds, a no-permadeath mod

Post by octalot »

Armagedonus wrote: April 12th, 2019, 7:06 pm I propose "wound system".
Simply speaking, when unit reaches 0hp instead of dying, it goes into separated unit pool called "wounded units".
And when scenario ends the units from "wounded" pool go INTO "recall" pool for next mission!
Non-Fatal Wounds is a modification that stops your units from dying. It was originally discussed in the thread linked above, this is a dedicated feedback thread.

This does not protect your heroes — you’ll still lose if any character who has to survive is wounded. The enemy isn’t going to miss the chance of finishing the battle by letting a leader escape. However, the mod needs campaign-specific customisations when any of these happen:
  • The campaign itself has similar code that resurrects units.
  • A hero dies in combat for story reasons. Generally not needed if they're killed by a WML event.
  • The story has a diverging path where units killed in one scenario shouldn't appear in the recall list.
Examples of that list (spoilers):
Source-control repo:

(Posted in "Scenario & Campaign Development" because that's where the no-randomness modification's thread is.)
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Re: Non-Fatal Wounds, a no-permadeath mod

Post by Heindal »

That´s a nice idea. While reducing the frustration, it will make campaigns a little bit easier.
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Re: Non-Fatal Wounds, a no-permadeath mod

Post by AlexanderRM »

Nice! Thank you so much for making this, and it's neat to see the list of exceptions in campaigns too.
So far I've used this in Story of the Wose and it *massively* reduced the stress of playing yet didn't actually make it too much easier, which is really neat- I probably only recalled dead units maybe 3-4 times. That was the most fun I've had playing single-player Wesnoth in quite some time.
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