XP Manager, LVL Manager, Gold Manager [SP & MP]

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XP Manager, LVL Manager, Gold Manager [SP & MP]

Post by theory »

Hello and welcome,

I am the author of the add-ons which are modifications :
  • XP Manager v0.2.1
    • Description :
      Additional XP sources : Passive, Heal, Curing Poison.
      Leaders can gain XP when other units gain XP at a certain rate and can decrease based on distance with a minimum rate.
      XP Multiplier from sources : fight, kill.
      XP well included so that a gain of 13.5XP and 2.5XP amounts to 16XP and not 15XP.
    • Issue :
      1. (Non Fixable) duplicate XP gain for 2+ healers on a unit missing HP for 1 heal
    • Changelog
      • 0.2.1:
        • + Moved everything to lua
        • + Added support for changes through wesnoth.game_config instead of hardcoded values for base xp
        • + Increased negative range for heal_xp to support -K => K * level XP / heal
        • + Fixed lua error that happened when you killed a unit with the debug command
        • + Wesnoth version check
      • 0.2.0:
        • + Added XP well to allow for floating point XP
        • + Added leader XP
        • + Added action earn_experience
        • + Added event experience_gain
        • + Fixed the issue with your leader not getting passive XP
    • Planned :
  • LVL Manager v0.2.1
    • Description :
      Allow to configure LVL up options.
      Configurable LVL up options:
      • - heal on lvl up : heal a % of max hitpoints on lvl up
      • - cure on lvl up : cure status (slowed, poisoned) on lvl up
      • - auto focus (scroll + select) the unit that is undergoing an advancement
      Configurable AMLA bonus (you can configure the probability of each) :
      • - +X-Y HP
      • - +X-Y damage
      • - +X-Y attacks
      • - +1 vision
      • - +1 movement
      Configurable AMLA Options:
      • - xp increase : the % of xp increase necessary to get to the next AMLA level (btw the game has issues with experience > 10 millions)
      • - maximum non deterministic gains : if an AMLA bonus is not at 100% chance, limit the number of probabilistic bonus that the units can gain in one level. Bonus are given in the order of the list above.
    • Issue :
    • Changelog
      • 0.2.1:
        • + Moved everything to lua
        • + Wesnoth version check
        • ~ Only show AMLA bonus frame on LVL up for your units
        • ~ Focus on LVL up only on your units
      • 0.2.0:
        • + Added AMLA Bonus frame on LVL up
        • + Added option to cure status (slowed, poisoned) on LVL up
        • + Fixed multiple level up issues (which was also kind of cause by having advancements=0 in Gui Debug Tools)
        • + Auto fusion of the multiple advancements by this mod to reduce unit size
        • ~ Changed keep health into a heal based on max health
        • ~ Modified xp multiplier to an xp increase on AMLA levels
        • ~ Forced "vision" bonus to be only +1 removing 2 sliders
        • ~ Forced "movement" bonus to be only +1 removing 2 sliders
        • ~ Transformed most of the code in lua (whoa way cleaner)
        • - Removed AMLA Bonus chat on LVL up (which didn't display anything if the unit had no name)
        • - Removed "accuracy" bonus because it is not supported correctly it seems
        • - Removed "recall_cost" bonus because some units don't handle it and I can't find a way to detect them on the lua side
    • Planned:
      • Add a +X-Y recall cost
      • Add a +1 upkeep if the unit is not loyal
      • Add +X-Y% accuracy though the game doesn't seem to support it through effects
  • Gold Manager v0.1.0
    • Description :
      Gold Multiplier for:
      Villages, Upkeep, Base income, Initial Gold
      Additional Gold sources:
      On Kill
      Gold well included so that a gain of 13.5 Gold and 2.5 Gold amounts to 16 Gold and not 15 Gold.
    • Issue :
    • Changelog
      • 0.1.0:
        • + Initial release
    • Planned:
So first let's say our thanks to : Ruvaak(AWW), SigurdFireDragon(GuiDebugTools) for their add-ons and their code which helped me get ideas.

Please use this thread to report bugs, give your feedback or ask questions related to the add-ons or codes of the add-ons.
How to do a bug report ?

Okay you've found an issue, great !
So let's grab as much as information as you can to answer every item of the list :
  • wesnoth version
  • addon
  • sp or mp
  • other addons used and their version
  • configuration information (so the information relative to the addon configuration that are related to the bug, for example if you have a bug with XP Manager with passive xp then what value did you choose)
  • bug description (what happened)
  • explanation (what should have happened)
  • reproducible (can you reproduce this bug ?)
  • reproduction steps (if reproducible, what are the steps to reproduce this bug)
  • contact (a way to contact you to possibly ask for more information, if you post on this thread, I'll assume I can contact you with a PM)
Now send me a mail at <my_username>gaming2410 at gmail dot com or answer this thread.
A few words about versioning version=x.y.z :
  • x is >1 when the add-on is mature so no new feature should be added
  • y when it increases there are new features
  • z when it increases there are bug fixes or minor improvements, reset to 0 when y increases so every new feature can come with bug fixes
My add-ons: XP Manager, LVL Manager

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Re: XP Manager, LVL Manager, Gold Manager [SP & MP]

Post by Joque_DeLong »

Love the ideas behind these mods and the clean interface. The description in the add ons manager says that it needs Wesnoth Version 1.13.6, is that correct or a typo?

I have also noted that they do not appear to actually work in either 1.13.6 or 1.14.7 right now. I sent an email with some more details. I really want to get these to work as they will be the basis of my future games.

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Re: XP Manager, LVL Manager, Gold Manager [SP & MP]

Post by Crixomix »

Hello. Thank you for your mod. I like increasing fight XP a bit and decreasing kill XP a bit so it's a bit less swingy on "who gets the last hit gets all the XP". In any case, I can't seem to get the "heal XP" working. I keep trying to set it to 10, start a campaign, and then I have an elvish shaman heal a unit a couple turns into the game (doing the heir to the throne campaign), and then the shaman still has 0 XP.

Thanks for any help,

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