[UPDATE 0.2.1](2p/3p) Minimalistic Multiplayer Scenario: Honeycomb (Request for Feedback)

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[UPDATE 0.2.1](2p/3p) Minimalistic Multiplayer Scenario: Honeycomb (Request for Feedback)

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This is a minimalistic multiplayer scenario featuring a set of unique units.

You are a queen bee and your task is to protect your honeycomb against intruders. All units have 0 % defense, which completely eliminates randomness. This makes this scenario similar to chess-like strategy games.

There are six different units to recruit:

The ant is a scout unit which has the highest mobility. With Skirmish it can reach almost every tile on the map quickly. It is very useful against flies, fireflies and against weakened units. However it lacks good attack. It is mechanical, so Gnats cannot make use of their drain ability, when they attack ants.

Bugs are your major fighters. A powerful melee attack can take most other units down. However, it is very slow, which makes it an easy target for flies, which, to make matters worse, have a arcane attack, which hits bugs very hard.

Here comes your class-cannon. High movement and a powerful ranged attack, which can’t be countered by the most units. The downside of this unit is that it can easily be taken out by ants.

Fireflies are the perfect utility unit. Pretty good movement and access to melee and ranged attacks is always neat. Their speciality is their ability to heal adjacent units by 2 HP. However, they really struggle against flies and also gnats.

The staple mixed unit. It can use its ranged attack to make damage without receiving a counter-hit by most units. It is a great unit to extinguish weakened units, but poor if used solely. In a pair, Gnats can kill Bugs and Fireflies with their supersonic attack, but are easily countered by Ants.

While weaker than bugs, isopods shine in their defensive capabilities. Their first-strike trait make them a great defense against ants. Unlike the bug, they struggle against gnats and the opposing queen bee.

Spiders are your cavalry. They are faster than bugs and have a powerful attack. Their speciality is wiping out ants and gnats. However, they have no chance against bugs with full health.

Did you like this scenario? Please leave some feedback here.

Change History
0.1.2: Increased the hitpoints of the spider to 3, but also increased their impact weakness, so that they are still 2HKO'd by the queen.
0.1.3: Added German translation and rough draft of a new tile.
0.2.0: Complete unit rework, add firefly
0.2.1: Fix Spider’s ranged attack type
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Re: (2p/3p) Minimalistic Multiplayer Scenario: Honeycomb (Request for Feedback)

Post by Spixi »

Hi folks!

I remade the Honeycomb add-on. All units are now more balanced, have more HP, are less glass-cannon-like and a new healer unit, the Firefly, joins the Honeycomb. I hope, you enjoy it and I am looking forward to hearing your feedback.

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