Circle of Immortalization(2-6 Player FFA)

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Circle of Immortalization(2-6 Player FFA)

Post by Glen »

Circle of Immortalization is a 2-6 Player FFA with AI Statues of Stone
by Glen and Kyrbi(Artwork by Kyrbi)

The map has over 250 Petrified Stone Statues on the surroundings.
The states are all completely random units ranging from level 0 peasants to level 5 Ancient Liches(obviously
a higher chance of lower levels and extremely low chance of higher levels)

Every 2 turns, 6 (completely random) stone statues will come to life.
In the center there are 6 upgrade spots where you can boost damage,strikes,resistances,etc(kind of like in Orocia)

On Turn 1, Players will get to choose 3 items to help them(Same items and macros from Royal Rumble)

Tips: You need to rush towards the center if you want to survive, your
best chance of survival is recruiting a small escort force of strong tanky units
to escort your leader.
In the center, there are 6 spots to upgrade your units just like in orocia!(along with villages)

In this map, it is IMPOSSIBLE to beat the AI. You will be overpowered no matter what. This might make you think
you should team up with the other players right? Even if you teamed up with all 5 other players, you still wouldn't beat the AI, and
even if you managed to pull it off, you would not win the game until all other players are dead. Thus, you should either focus on killing the enemy players before the AI kills you OR you can focus on just holding off the AI until all other players perish.

The stone statues that come to life combined with the upgrade circle in the center and the FFA with the other players add to a choatic brawl
that won't take very long at all to play but is very entertaining to play and watch!

Overview of the map

Player 1 View

Center Upgrade Spots

Try it out on the add-ons! Addon for this map is called "Circle of Immortalization"
Post all Suggestions/Replays/Bugs here
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Re: Circle of Immortalization(2-6 Player FFA)

Post by Ravana »

Detect how many players there are, close caves of missing people, and lower spawn rate based on that.
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Re: Circle of Immortalization(2-6 Player FFA)

Post by Atreides »

How does the upgrade in the centre work? You stand a unit (or leader only?) on it and get it next turn? Does it cost $? How much?
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