Armageddon(6 Player FFA Lava Brawl)

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Armageddon(6 Player FFA Lava Brawl)

Post by Glen »

Armageddon is a 6 Player Free For All Lava Spreading Brawl by Glen and Kyrbi

Any unit in lava will die, regardless if it can fly or if its a drake.

Every turn lava spreads 2 tiles until turn 6.
Then lava spreads 1 tile until turn 13.
Then the lava spreads onto tiles with Desert hexes(for the final brawl)

The lava forces the players to rush towards the center so they don't burn alive.
In doing so they have to face an AI player blocking their way. The player who kills this AI earns 30 gold.

On Turn 1, Players will also get to choose 3 items to help them(Same items and macros from Royal Rumble)

Here is an example of how the lava spreads and forces players to move to the center or die, images from turns 1-13 are shown.

Turn 1

Turn 6

Turn 13

The Multiplayer Scenario is on the add-ons under the name "Armageddon".
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Re: Armageddon(6 Player FFA Lava Brawl)

Post by The_Gnat »

Looks cool glen I will post more when I play it!
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