LoW Costly Revenge - impossible?

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LoW Costly Revenge - impossible?

Post by Majikthize »

Is it just me, or has this scenario become goddam unwinable in recent versions? I played this a couple years ago and got through it after 2-3 tries. It seems to be just about impossible now. I've tried different strategies - high, low, stand & fight, flank - and even after I got both kings and all of the towns, there were still so many lizards that they simply overran my survivors on the edge of the NW forest. And, this is on Easy. What the hell?

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Re: LoW Costly Revenge - impossible?

Post by gfgtdf »

In the git history of that scenario https://github.com/wesnoth/wesnoth/comm ... evenge.cfg i see no changes that would make that scenario harder than in 1.10.
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