Poll permission changes

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Poll permission changes

Post by Iris »

Normal users (read: everyone even if they are not Forum Regulars or Forum Moderators/Developers) now have the power to create polls in the following forums or subforums:
  • Users’ Forum
  • Strategies & Tips
  • Website
  • Art Contributions
  • Art Workshop
  • Writers’ Forum
  • Faction & Era Development
  • Multiplayer Development
  • Scenario & Campaign Development
  • Music & Sound Development
  • Ideas
  • Experimental Corner
  • Game Development
  • Off-Topic
For obvious reasons, only the topic starter can attach a poll to their topic, either on topic creation, or by editing the opening post; the poll creation options can be found on the last tab below the post editor box (prosilver style) or below the attachment options (subsilver2) or below the post editor box (subsilver2, for forum sections that do not allow attachments). Do note that due to software limitations, editing an existing poll will reset all votes, so make sure to choose your poll question and options very carefully. Of course, if you wish to do so you can write down or take a screenshot of the poll before editing and take the numbers therein into account for the final tally (hopefully all in a transparent fashion). You are also able to replace a poll entirely (e.g. for a working/development topic), remove your own poll, etc.

Should you require assistance with this feature, you may start a new topic in the Website forum with your inquiries.

We trust that you will wield this power with responsibility and for the Greater Good™. Have fun.
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