Emerald Heart (new MP survival)

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Emerald Heart (new MP survival)

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over time I have created a new survival MP map called Emerald Heart. Although it is fully playable now I wouldn't say it's either finished or balanced.
I would appreciate any feedback, however I'm afraid I will not be able to find enough time to take further development.
If someone would like to help finish it and (especially) balance it that would be awesome.

Known issues (apart from the game being completely unbalanced):
  • AI sucks
  • Shop WML is one big mess
  • There should be a final wave at 40th round (some 4th level units and maybe the boss)
  • The game should finish after all enemies are dead, right now it is hardcoded 45th round
Things I would like to improve:
  • Prices in the shop should be based on something better working and better balanced, for example price for 1 melee damage should be based on current melee damage times melee strikes
  • There should be way of upgrading charge ability (increase inflicted damage and separately decrease taken damage, if that makes sense)
  • Also it would be nice to have the ability to increase other skills, like hit percentage in marksman and magical attack, drains percentage and steadfast max defence limit
  • Units that get upgraded to their max level should become loyal
  • Maybe at some point add special abilities to the Heart keeper (which differ based on that unit type)
if someone likes the map and knows something about WML and would like to help then please, feel free to contact me
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