Super large era pack!

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Super large era pack!

Post by ChaosRider »

Someone could create pack from all now existed eras (something like a ageless, but with all eras, monsters and units from campaign :) ), also would be good idea to add era of two suns to the ageless era :P.
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Re: Super large era pack!

Post by Crendgrim »

No. That's not really feasible.
If you look at Ageless Era, that one is already *very* bloated. If you have installed that, the startup time of Wesnoth is a lot longer (as Wesnoth has to read all units' definitions). So, if you'd create an era with even more data, this would not be funny to play with.
Also, taking a closer look at AE, it is very unbalanced (as there is just no way to properly balance so many different eras) already. This would be even worse the more eras would get added. I do not expect anyone to want to maintain an era even bigger than AE.

That being said, you're of course welcome to create something like you proposed, but I warn you that it will be a lot of work; and that probably not too many people will enjoy having that add-on installed. Especially for people with slower computers (as I experienced myself on running some tests) installing AE already makes Wesnoth load about 5 minutes (at least this was the case when I last checked, back in 1.8 ). This is not what you want if you want to enjoy playing a game. ;)
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