WML Syntax Highlighting for TextMate (Mac OS X)

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WML Syntax Highlighting for TextMate (Mac OS X)

Post by Necromonger »

Attached is a syntax highlighting definition for TextMate (as far as I know, other there aren't any Mac editor definitions available). Simply uncompress file and double click it.

- TextMate (tested for v1.5.7), shareware version available

I invest one day in define the syntax highlighting. Maybe new versions will come later. But it works great for me :D

Textmate Language definition for WML
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Re: WML Syntax Highlighting for TextMate (Mac OS X)

Post by egallager »

Hi, sorry for the necro-bump, but I'm wondering if a .tmbundle for this .tmLanguage is available in a GitHub repo somewhere? I'd like to get WML support added to GitHub Linguist, and one thing that helps is having a repo for a TextMate bundle to point to, so I figured this might be a good starting point for getting that process going...
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