changing [mainline] lvl 2 units prices

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changing [mainline] lvl 2 units prices

Post by The_Gnat »

Here is my original post from another topic:
Hello all. I talked with Pentarctagon and after consideration came up with some price changes for somemany level 2 units. The reason i did this is because while creating a new era Reign of Heroes (with level 2 recruits) i encountered significant pricing imbalances (for example the extreme price of the elvish ranger). I found the prices of level 2's to be considerably different between factions and so many units required changing. Since 2nd level units are rarely recruited it is understandable that little testing was originally put into balancing their prices. I believe these new prices will help balance the AoH, but the main reason i worked on this is to balance my own era in which I have already made these price adjustments.

The only thing that needs further consideration is the outlaws, as they were quite under priced but often deserving of their cheap prices. I slightly increased the price of a few outlaws, where it was statistically legitimate to do so.

Thank you for taking the time to look at these changes. :D I know all you developers already have plenty to do so if you do not have time to make these changes now that is understandably.
Drake Flare -> decreased by 1 to 34 - (compared to Elvish Captain, Drake Warrior, Orcish Ruler)
Fire Drake -> decreased by 1 to 34 - (compared to Red Mage, Elvish Ranger, Longbowman, Orcish Crossbowman
Gryphon Master -> decreased by 2 to 35 - (compared to Dragoon, Elvish Scout, Goblin Knight)
Saurian Soothsayer -> increased by 2 to 29 - (compared to Elvish Druid, White Mage)
Ogre -> decreased by 2 to 31 - (compared to Pikeman, Orcish Warrior, Swordsman, Drake Arbiter, Dwarvish Steelclad)
(the previous high price of the elven units marksman,ranger and hero,captain proved in many matches a clear unbalance when fighting the northerners, loyalists and other underpriced factions)
Elvish Hero -> decreased by 2 to 30 - (compared to Swordsman, Javelineer, Orcish Warrior, Drake Warrior, Pikeman, Revenant, Drake Thrasher)
Elvish Marksman -> decreased by 7 to 34 - (its previous price was obscene for a level 2 unit 15gold higher then its rivals) (compared to Longbowman, Orcish Crossbowman, Boneshooter, Thunderguard, Fire Drake, Qatif-al-nar)
Elvish Ranger -> decreased by 8 to 33 - (compared to the Shadow, Elvish Marksman, Longbowman, Trapper, Boneshooter, Orcish Crossbowman, Dwarvish Pathfinder, Outlaw)
Elvish Sorceress -> increased by 1 to 35 - (compared to Red Mage, White Mage, Fire Drake)
Elvish Druid -> decereased by 2 to 32 - (compared to Saurian Soothsayer, White Mage, Elvish Sorceress)
Red Mage -> decreased by 4 to 36 - (compared to Elvish Sorceress, Fire Drake, Drake Flare, Qatif-al-nar)
White Mage -> decreased by 4 to 36 - (compared to Elvish Druid, Tabib, Saurian Oracle)
Dragoon -> decreased by 2 to 32 - (compared to Elvish Rider, Goblin Knight, Goblin Pillager, Sky Drake)
Knight -> decreased by 4 to 36 (the knight and lancer are still more expensive than all other scouts)
Lancer -> decreased by 5 to 35
Lieutenant -> decreased by 4 to 31 - (compared to Elvish Captain, Drake Flare, Drake Warrior, Orcish Ruler, Javelineer)
Heavy Infantryman -> decreased by 3 to 32 - (compared to Troll, Elder Wose, Drake Arbiter, Drake Thrasher, Dwarvish Runesmith, Faris) (taking into acount slow movement)
Swordsman -> increased by 2 to 27 - (compared to Elvish Hero, Elvish Captain, Dwarvish Steelclad, Drake Warrior, Revenant, Drake Thraser)
Pikeman -> increased by 2 to 27 - (compared to Elvish Hero, Drake Arbiter, Orcish Warrior, Dwarvlsih Steelclad, Revanant, Drake Thraser)
Javelineer -> increased by 3 to 28 - (compared to Elvish Hero, Drake Arbiter, Swordsman, Pikeman, Dwarvish Pathfinder)
Bandit -> increased by 3 to 26 - (compared to Swordsman, Elvish Hero, Drake Thrasher, Revenant, Orcish Warrior)
Rogue -> increased by 4 to 28 - (compared to Shadow, Orcish Slayer, Monawish, Duelist, Saurian Skirmisher, Dwarvish Pathfinder)
Saree -> decreased by 2 to 35 - (compared to Dragoon, Elvish Rider, Sky Drake)
Ghazi -> decreased by 7 to 31 - (he has both marksman and slows which are considerable skills but his attacks are weak enough to not merit him a 12 gold higher price then the Orcish Warrior and Pikeman) (also considering Dwarvish Steelclad, Swordsman, Dwarvish Stalwart, Drake Arbiter)
Mudafi -> decreased by 9 to 29 - (he has neither marksman, nor slows, nor good defenses, nor considerable resistances, and his high price is entirely un-justified, that is why he has the largest price decrease of any unit) (compared to Pikeman (who also has firststrike and similar stats), Troll (who has the significant regenerates ability), Dwarvish Steelclad, Orcish Warrior, Javelineer, Drake Arbiter, Heavy Infantryman)
Monawish -> decreased by 2 to 33 - (his weak attack is justified because he is a skirmisher just like the Rogue, Duelist, Saurian Skirmisher, but he is also slower than normal skirmishers and so is comparable to the Elvish Ranger and Drake Warrior - all of which have lower prices)
Qatif-al-nar -> decreased by 5 to 30 - (compared to Orcish Crossbowman, Fire Drake, Longbowman, Red Mage, Dwarvish Thunderguard, Drake Flare, Trapper, Drake Warrior)
Muharib -> decreased by 2 to 33 - (compared to Dwarvish Pathfinder, Javelineer)

Honestly AOH is so unbalanced that price changes make little difference to it, but there will be some noticeable change in campaigns if price changes are made and so this is not something that can just be done in a half second it needs consideration and testing. Of course i plan on testing it in campaigns and considering these changes effects but i also encourage anyone else who is interested to ask me and i will send them a add-on so they can test the changes also!

And if anyone sees any problems or has any suggestion i would appreciate them! :D

Here is a list i have comprised of mainline campaigns that recruit units that i have suggested changes to:
Campaigns list
Orcish Incursion
Lvl 2 units: - Orcish Warrior, Orcish Crossbowman, Troll, Goblin Knight, Revenant - none have been changed

Dead Water
Lvl 2 units: - Bone Shooter, Revenant, Deathblade, Wraith, Shadow, Necrophage, Goblin Knight, Goblin Pillager, Saurian Skirmisher, Orcish Slayer, Orcish Warrior, Orcish Crossbowman, Fire Drake, Drake Flare, Drake Thrasher, Drake Arbiter, Sky Drake - Scenario 07 Bilheld - enemy have slightly more level 2 drakes.

A Tale of Two Brothers
Lvl 2 units: Orcish Warrior - no change

Decent into Darkness
Lvl 2 units: Orcish Crossbowman, Goblin Pillager, Goblin Knight, Orcish Warrior, Swordsman, Pikeman,Dragoon, Shock Trooper, Longbowman, Troll, Troll Rocklobber,Necrophage, Dark Sorcerer, Wraith, Bone Shooter, Revenant, Deathblade- Scenario 06 Parthyn - will have less lvl 2 enemies, Scenario 07 - Small Favor will have more enemies (but swordsman and pikeman which costs more), Scenario 10 Alone - will have less loyalist enemies , Scenario 12 Endless Night - will have more loyalist enemies (mages & scouts - but swords & pikeman cost more) - will have less Outlaw enemies (Bandit, Rogue costs more) - will have more Elvish enemies (Hero, Marksman, Ranger, Druid, Sorceress)

Lvl 2 units: Troll,Orcish Warrior, Outlaw, Trapper, Revenant,Longbowman,Duelist,Shock Trooper, Rogue,Swordsman,Pikeman,Dragoon,Red Mage, White Mage, Knight, Lancer - Scenario 07 The Hunters - will have less lvl 2 enemies, Scenario 08 Glory - enemies will have more lvl 2 units including mages and (but swordsman and pikeman will cost more), Allies will have slightly less level 2 units (rogue costs more), but more horseman (knight and lancer cost less)

(i will do the rest when i play them)
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Re: changing [mainline] lvl 2 units prices

Post by Pentarctagon »

I don't believe any mainline campaigns use the Khalifate, so those changes at least wouldn't affect anything I as far as I know.
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Re: changing [mainline] lvl 2 units prices

Post by Xaius »

I definitely agree that the level 2 unit prices are inconsistent. Would love to see something of this scale take place if possible.
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