Missing save games

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Missing save games

Post by Torgan »

I had a Windows update today, started the game and when I tried to load my game it says there are none. I've only been playing a couple of weeks but was receiving the 'Core already in use' popup when I started but just ignored it and played the game. Today that error message has gone but so have my saves. So I assume my saves are somewhere, just not sure where. I've checked the save game folder below and it is indeed empty. I finished The South Guard campaign and the icon changed in the campaign menu to reflect that, that's gone too. So it seems the game sees me as a new user.


The Battle for Wesnoth version 1.14.5 (48bd45d-Modified)
Running on Microsoft Windows 10 (10.0.17134)

Game paths

Data dir: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\wesnoth
User config dir: C:\Users\USER\OneDrive\Documents\My Games\Wesnoth1.14
User data dir: C:\Users\USER\OneDrive\Documents\My Games\Wesnoth1.14
Saves dir: C:\Users\USER\OneDrive\Documents\My Games\Wesnoth1.14\saves
Add-ons dir: C:\Users\USER\OneDrive\Documents\My Games\Wesnoth1.14\data\add-ons
Cache dir: C:\Users\USER\OneDrive\Documents\My Games\Wesnoth1.14\cache


Boost: 1.66
OpenSSL/libcrypto: 1.1.0f (runtime 1.1.0f)
Cairo: 1.10.2 (runtime 1.10.2)
Pango: 1.30.1 (runtime 1.30.1)
SDL: 2.0.8 (runtime 2.0.8)
SDL_image: 2.0.3 (runtime 2.0.3)
SDL_mixer: 2.0.2 (runtime 2.0.2)
SDL_ttf: 2.0.14 (runtime 2.0.14)


Experimental OpenMP support: yes
JPG screenshots: yes
Lua console completion: yes
Legacy bidirectional rendering: no
Win32 notifications back-end: yes

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