[READ-ME] How to report a bug properly

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[READ-ME] How to report a bug properly

Postby Development Team » May 29th, 2009, 3:52 am

IMPORTANT: This part of the forum is ONLY for support of the current, official stable and development versions of the game!

It is not meant to solve problems with any user-made content, or contributed ports such as for Android or iOS (iPhone, iPad). We will not address or solve issues in those projects here unless a relevant maintainer determines that the issue is caused by a bug in the mainline WML or game engine.

Contributed port maintainers can be reached through the following topics:
User-made content (add-on) maintainers can be reached through the appropriate forum sections below. Use the Search function if needed to find the correct topic for the add-on you have problems with. If you cannot find a topic, start a new one.

The following instructions apply to bugs in the game posted in this Technical Support forum.

When reporting a bug, make sure that you include the following:

  1. Operating system, including its version.
  2. Version of Wesnoth, including the configured language.
  3. A step-by-step walkthrough of how to reproduce the problem. If the problem can’t be reproduced, our ability to identify its cause and fix it will be severely limited.
  4. Please attach a saved game when applicable, as this is the easiest way for developers to reproduce errors occurring during gameplay.
  5. If you are reporting a crash bug and you are on Linux, Apple OS X, or another Unix-like operating system, please try to provide a backtrace of the game executable as described in this thread.

We need to know the actual error which occurred to be able to do anything about it!

On Windows, locate the file stderr.txt. If you have installed Wesnoth in the default location, that would be C:\Program Files\Wesnoth\stderr.txt — “Program Files” might be translated to your system’s native language. Search for the file if you can’t find it. Windows Vista and Windows 7 users should read this thread for further information.

On Linux, Apple OS X and other Unix-like systems you will get the error sent to stderr by default. Therefore, the easiest way to get the output in this platform is to start Wesnoth in a text terminal emulator and copy the needed output from there. On Apple OS X, this can be done by right-clicking or Control-clicking on Wesnoth.app, going to Show Package Contents, browsing to Contents/MacOS, and opening “Wesnoth”.

Alternatively on Apple OS X, you can find the error output in the Console program (found in /Applications/Utilities), which is where it goes when you start up the game normally.

For more thorough information, including information on using our bug tracker, please see the Reporting Bugs page in our wiki.
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