CANT CONNECT to wesnoth server

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CANT CONNECT to wesnoth server

Post by princemoga »

Hello ,

After a break, I started playing wesnoth again before approximately 1 month. Everything was fine until today.

I am trying to connect the whole day to the server, but 'Reading from server' stays at 0% and than I receive the following error: 'Remote host disconnected'

My connection is fine I am also able to download add-ons but I can't play online. I have not changed any settings since yesterday(when everything was okay and I was able to play online). What am I doing wrong? How can I fix this?

P.S. I was not sure if this is the right sub-forum I hope I did not choose the wrong place to write about my problem :) .

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Re: CANT CONNECT to wesnoth server

Post by enclave »

usually if i have similar problem then i can't access the webpage too... so it just means that the server is down for everyone.

first thing try to enter alternative server (Multiplayer -> connect to server -> view list -> select Alternate Server),
a) if there is a lot of people, then it's a problem not only yours, but something wrong with server maybe..
b) if you can not connect there too, then probably something wrong with your settings..
in both cases if u still have problem, report back what you tried and what was the result... maybe Admins can help when they know more details of your problem.

PS. when i had reading from server 0, i think it was server problem.. but who knows what it is in your case.

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Re: CANT CONNECT to wesnoth server

Post by Pentarctagon »

Server status can also be found here.
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