[READ-ME] How to report a bug properly

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[READ-ME] How to report a bug properly

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This part of the forum is ONLY for support of the current, official stable and development Windows/Mac/Linux versions of the game!

For issues with the official iOS port of Wesnoth, please post them in the iOS sub-forum or the iOS Support thread.

This forum is not meant to solve problems with any user-made content, or contributed ports such as for Android.

Contributed port maintainers can be reached through the following topics:
User-made content (add-on) maintainers often include a link to the topic for their add-ons in the description available through the in-game Add-ons Manager. Otherwise, they can be reached through the appropriate forum sections below; use the Search function if needed to find the correct topic. If all else fails, start a new topic in the forum section that seems most appropriate for the add-on.
The following instructions apply to bugs in the game posted in this Technical Support forum.

When reporting a bug, make sure that you include the following:
  • Operating system, including its version; and Wesnoth version, including the configured language.
    • If you installed Wesnoth from a Linux repository using the terminal, make sure that you downloaded the full package that includes all campaigns and music.
  • The build information provided by the game by clicking on the Image icon on the bottom-left corner of the main menu and then the Image Copy button.
  • A step-by-step walkthrough of how to reproduce the problem. If the problem cannot be reproduced, our ability to identify its cause and fix it will be severely limited.
  • Locate the game logs and include them in your post, either in a [code] block or (for large/long logs) a file attachment.
Additionally, whenever possible and applicable:
  • Attach a relevant saved game, as this is the easiest way for developers to reproduce errors that occur during gameplay.
  • If you are reporting a crash-to-desktop and you are on Linux, macOS, or other Unix-like operating systems, do consider obtaining an execution backtrace of the game process and including it in your report.
For more thorough information, including information on using our bug tracker, please see the Reporting Bugs page in our wiki.
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