Bad Moon Rising part II is making me insane

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Bad Moon Rising part II is making me insane

Post by Great_Mage_Atari »

Ok so I downloaded Bad Moon Rising Part II, and the Camp scenario is driving me crazy. Are the enemies overpowered, or is there some way to beat them with the limited gold you have?
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Post by averyimaginativename »

Use dogs as scouts, and sneak a couple of commandos in behind the main forces to assassinate the leaders. Don't try to take on the full force of the opposing forces unless you've played lots of random encounters first.

Edit - also see the Scenario and Campaign development thread; he's already said it sounds like this scenario needs toning down. Perhaps you should post there too.
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Re: Bad Moon Rising part II is making me insane

Post by 13arrage »

The scenerio is fine. Block the bridges before the calvary get there and you can easily bottleneck the whole force for basically as long as you like. And get lots of lovely, lovely experience in the process. Just don't overextend and making leveling a healer a priority.
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