LUA ERROR [Windows Steam version]

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LUA ERROR [Windows Steam version]

Post by Ballador »

I got this error while playing Heir to the throne, right before entering the scenario where you get the scepter of fire, it happened right after I finished the scenario prior, and it was saving the replay. I got it every time I reloaded my last save, ended the scenario and chose to overwrite the saved replay, but it didn't happen when I didn't overwrite the saved replay.

image thing doesn't work, so here's the link to the screenshot on OneDrive!AkBJyJR_dmndlXVXIFKZSFqhwWTg
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Re: LUA ERROR [Windows Steam version]

Post by Ravana »

That link is ... png?psid=1.

It is large enough though that there is no need to embed it in post.
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Re: LUA ERROR [Windows Steam version]

Post by mattsc »

Ballador: Yeah, I noticed this yesterday also. It was a problem with the random map generator and is already fixed in the development version. It will be in 1.14.2.

For the record, it had a 50% chance of happening on any start of that scenario, so the fact that it always happened in one case and never in the other for you was probably just random chance. In any case, you can just re-load the start-of-scenario save until it works and then continue.

Thanks for reporting!
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