Prosilver or Subsilver2?

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What forum style do you prefer?

Wesnoth (Subsilver2-based)
AcidTech (Subsilver2-based)
None of the above (specify)
Total votes: 54

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Re: Prosilver or Subsilver2?

Post by Iris »

shadowmaster wrote:You are really not going to get more changes from me to Prosilver at this point, unless it's for implementing modifications*, and I'll continue to support Subsilver2 until around the end of the year, probably, or the next time I have a reason to take down everything for heavy maintenance, whichever comes first.
And now, after getting used myself to prosilver's usability advantages, I have made it the default for guests and new users.
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Re: Prosilver or Subsilver2?

Post by SpoOkyMagician »

So, I tried all the themes/styles within the boards settings... Here is what I thought...

AcidTech (4/5)
AcidTech Orange (5/5) *
ProSilver (2/5)
SubSilver2 (3/5)
Wesnoth (3/5)

* voted for this one.

I prefer black behind white. (or blue with the other one) ...I don't like white backgrounds with black text... (or any other color) It bugs the hell out of me... (maybe because I am a night person I guess... :hmm: ) ...It seems most people think the opposite of me it seems. Oh well... Everyone has their own preference... :wink:

edit: maybe if the yellow text/checkmarts/etc was changed to light blue or something, I would give AcidTech a 5/5... But for now, I will keep it a 4/5... The yellow throws off the black/blue a lot...

edit: The AcidTech orange is perfect as is.

edit: as for the others... I don't like them because of the light on dark colors... (as stated above...)
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Re: Prosilver or Subsilver2?

Post by IPS »

The acid silver does like a bit shocking. For that reasson I preffer the Wesnoth (Subsilver2-based).

The sub silver does like to "nerd", very very simple, I don't like that simpleness :augh: . I would preffer Wesnoth subsilver2-based, should like better really.
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