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Re: Infection Era

Post by Atreides »

Hi, me again. I started another game with the survivor faction I'm guessing. Cool descriptions but I found a typo in the Survivor:

served as a served as a [duplicated] painful crucible to refine theirs [letter shifted] trength

Looking further I see the races file has also a fair number of spelling errors, could run it through wmllint's spellchecker or something.

Once again I must say the animations are really, really good. A robot with a box that fires and recoils, another sort of blob that flips forward to attack, spider bots that recoil when attacked.
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Re: Infection Era

Post by T_BaneBlade »


I Uploaded Infection 0.8.2 onto the Wesnoth v.1.18 add-on server.

Made a few bug fixes to some of the survivor macros, did some rebalancing, and minor art changes.

Thanks Atreides for the feedback. I went back through the race descriptions to look for spelling errors. I'm sure there are more lurking :lol:.
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