Eastern Europe at War (EEaW) - now on GitHub!

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Re: Eastern Europe at War (EEaW) - now on GitHub!

Post by MaxLynch »

I had this question already when I played the addon many years ago.
I would like to ask it now for the sake of keeping things documented.
What does the unit name "Moloyec" suppose to mean?
I speak Ukrainian, Russian, Polish and other Eastern European languages and there is no word like this. The closest one would be Ukrainian "молодець" (molodec'), Russian "молодец" (malad'ec) which means "a good guy". In archaic times it could be used in the meaning "hero" too. This is my guess that this word was misspelled.
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Re: Eastern Europe at War (EEaW) - now on GitHub!

Post by Kasim »

I guess they meant "Mołojec", here is the dictionary definition:
Young cossack or cossack soldier.
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Re: Eastern Europe at War (EEaW) - now on GitHub!

Post by inferno8 »

Eastern Europe at War (EEaW) is now available on the 1.18 add-ons server!
There were some minor balance tweaks related to the fortify ability in this version. I also improved faction images and optimized unit sprites.

Full changelog:

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## Version 3.1
 ### Abilities
	* the fortify ability cover bonus reduced from +20% to +10%
	* the fortify ability no longer grants +20% cover in a castle or keep
 ### Graphics
        * improved faction images
	* moved emblems to a separate folder
	* sprite cleanup & improvements
	* optimized images
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