The Dungeon(SP/MP Scenario on 1.12)

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The Dungeon(SP/MP Scenario on 1.12)

Post by Xara »

This scenario offers gameplay similar to Dimaga Beach, in the sense that most enemies stick to their positions until you move into their ranges, and your goal is to progress through them and kill the Master of the dungeon in the end. The dungeon uses a random sequence of dungeon levels, every time you reach the end of a level, the map would be replaced and new enemies would spawn, so that the game can have custom length and variety in gameplay. Over the course of the journey, you get plenty of chances to pick up items to buff your units. And there is also a dynamic difficulty system, so that the deeper you get into the dungeon, the more HP/damage the enemies would have and the greater chance they would obtain various abilities and weapon specials. The scenario can be played casually if you just want to try a new faction in Ageless Era, but it can also be played competitively. The scenario supports a 2p-race, and it also records the highest dungeon difficulty with which you have beaten the Master.


-What's your map settings(initial difficulty/difficulty step/length) and what factions/mods you have used?
-How far have you reached?
-Item/level ideas?
-Thoughts on anything?
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Re: The Dungeon(SP/MP Scenario on 1.12)

Post by FaeLord »

I was just thinking of potentially making a Wesnoth dungeon crawl adventure. I'll dl this and give it a run.
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