Terrain Codes

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Terrain Codes

Post by Antro »

Yo men!

Completing the italian translation for the editor, I just noticed that toggling the "Draw Terrain Codes" flag in the "Map" menu produce codes in english and not in the selected language, both on the map and in the right palette.
For example, in Italian we have "Green grass" translated as "Erba verde", but the associated terrain code is "Gg" and not "Ev" as expected.

Well... it is just a code, but having "Gg" as code for "Erba verde" is not exactly mnemonic....

There are also some images that should/could/must be "localized":
  • the "F" of Fog ( Italian is "Nebbia", so the icon should be "N");
    the "S" of Shadow;
    all the "overlay" icons...
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Re: Terrain Codes

Post by AI »

The terrain code is how the terrain is stored internally, it is not subject to translation. They may usually be abbreviations of the english name, but that's not guaranteed.
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