Oldschool Browser games?

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Oldschool Browser games?

Post by shevegen »

This is not so much "fitting" to this thread, but it refers to games, not related to
wesnoth the game itself.

Anyone remembers the 1990s era? There were quite some browser games. Archmage
from Mari; that continued via The Reincarnation but ever since they added "bots" it
became a waste of time. Evidently tons of old browser games died or were "replaced"
with some huge games I have no real interest in investing time into.

Anyone can still recommend some browser games? Graphics or oldschool look do not
matter to me; I am more interested in being able to play it for some time but then also
making long breaks if necessary. Any recommendations, or have they all died out?

PS: I feel like grandpa indeed now! I guess many were not even born in the 1990s ...
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Re: Oldschool Browser games?

Post by WhiteWolf »

Moved to Off-Topic (as you said, this is not a forum game, so that's where this belongs.)

Since Adobe Flash was shut down for good, most of the stuff I remember is also gone with it, my favorite was 1066. I think the Humbug game and it's sequels are still available though, that's a very funny silly game, worth checking out if it's still up somewhere.
EDIT: No, that seems gone too, I can't find it anymore.
Winterbells is still available though. That's such a cute stress-reliever for exam-periods :D
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Re: Oldschool Browser games?

Post by Atreides »

All I can think of is those advertised on TV like Elvenar, etc.

I recall the 70's man. 8 - ) But yeah the 90's were the golden age of the PC and the Internet. MS-DOS, 2400 baud modems, the usenet. Oh the nostalgiagasmicness! Personally I was WAY different as far as web browsers went though. I spent the 90's using TEXT ONLY LYNX browser. So I never played browser games. Lotsa telnet games though.
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Re: Oldschool Browser games?

Post by Vendanna »

one of my favourites old browser games that is now defunct was Book of Mages 2. three possible paths for you to take in the story, and the tavern had a different text whenever you got a new achievement. also each clan played differently.
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