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A New Land Like Maps

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A New Land Like Maps

Post by ChrisSkyRo »

Hi guys! I was wandering, do you know any maps similar to A New Land (build villages and stuff) and where can I download them? I found some maps in multiplayer, but I can't find them in add-ons. Basically I want a map where you can build, research and maybe even make alliances.
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Re: A New Land Like Maps

Post by Xara »

There is an add-on called Undead Empire IIRC, but probably not ported to 1.14.
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Re: A New Land Like Maps

Post by Kipples »

There are a few of addons like this:
- "A new land era", this is an extension of ANL implemented as an era lets you use it on any map. (is in 1.14 addon server)
- "Galactic era", this is somewhat similar, you build ships and conquer planets and research on a tech tree (is in 1.14 addon server)
- "New Settlers", another build villages, research units, spam peasants affair (not in 1.14 addon server yet?)
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Re: A New Land Like Maps

Post by enclave »

Kipples wrote:
May 21st, 2018, 5:30 am
- "New Settlers", another build villages, research units, spam peasants affair (not in 1.14 addon server yet?)
Yeah if you like more add-on options, go to wesnoth web page, download and install wesnoth 1.12.6 and then you can find some more add-ons than on 1.14 server..

There will be "New Settlers" with nice survival vs zombies (will not be ported to 1.14 for a long time unfortunately, too many changes need to be done to make it work on 1.14, and I'm not even sure what I need to change exactly.. will be a long time finding bugs first)
There will be "undead empire" the exact clone of ANL (a new land) you just control undead instead of humans.. it's really cool, everyone must try it ;)
Maybe something else.. i think there was some maps from hay207 called "ANL 2p"

But you will not find anything where you make alliances, the only addons with alliances (more or less working) I know is the New Settlers and Q Civ.
Apart from them there is only a half-working "Alliances Mod" modification that you can add to your other add-ons... it's full of bugs, but it's something more than nothing.
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