The Rise of Wesnoth - Index

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The Rise of Wesnoth - Index

Post by Content Feedback » March 26th, 2006, 8:02 pm

Here are links to the TROW scenario review threads. Remember, this is not a beginner campaign. Feedback suggesting a change *only* because you can't master a scenario is not particularly useful (just take the third ship already! :) ).

The Rise of Wesnoth

General discussion - for bugs, questions, ideas, problems, etc.

1. A Summer of Storms
2. The Fall
3. A Harrowing Escape
4a. The Swamp of Esten
4b. The Midlands
5. The Oldwood
6.Temple of the Deep
7. Return to Oldwood ( Interlude )
8. Clearwater Port
9. Fallen Lich Point
10. The Sewer
11. Southbay in Winter ( Interlude )
12. A Final Spring
13. Peoples in Decline
14. Rough Landing
15. New Land
16. The Ka'lian ( Interlude )
The challenges:
17a. The Dragon
17b. A Beach
17c.Troll Hole
17d. Cursed Isle
The climax:
18. A Spy in the Woods ( Interlude )
19. The Vanguard
20. Return of the Fleet
21. The Plan ( Interlude )
22. Rise of Wesnoth
23. Epilogue
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