Walking Dead - Useless?

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Post by toms »

That remembers me on "Valley of Death" in HttT! :D

They always try to take my paladins down with huge armies of WCs.
But they have no chance because I send two or just hold them off a time and give the holy amulet to a Grand Knight (or better to a knight9. :twisted: 8)

However, a couple of WCs can protedct flanks or can deflect the computer.
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Post by Ken_Oh »

I've been trying to play as undead lately and, while having general trouble with undead, found WCs rather useful at points. In some maps I've found that it's best to bleed your opponents out by using ghosts to take out as many villages as possible and then let your opponents keep leveled up units with high upkeep push forward. Then you can set up a meat shield of WCs and ghouls to make sure they never reach your commander. With plague and poison, the meat shield keeps on getting thicker and thicker.
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