josteph's sidebar HP tooltip changes

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josteph's sidebar HP tooltip changes

Post by josteph »

Just posting to share a patch that I've been using for a while. It changes the tooltip on the HP, like this:
There are two differences here to regular wesnoth. 1) The damage types are grouped by physical/non-physical, normal Wesnoth sorts them alphabetically in your language. 2) Instead of just showing the resistance as a percentage, it also shows how many more/fewer hits you would need to receive to incur a given amount of HP loss, relative to how many hits it would have needed if you'd had 0% resistance. For example, a Red Mage would inflict 8HP upon an orc in one hit and would inflict the same amount of HP upon a Drake Clasher in two hits, so it says "2.00" next to "+50%".

I don't plan to mainline these changes because I don't think they'll be popular, but anyone wants the patches for either of these changes, let me know and I'll split them from my local branch and post them.
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