Restructuring of addons ?

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Restructuring of addons ?

Post by dacurrlywon »

Seeing as more and more people are starting to use small devises for their computing needs and this is also where BfW is getting most of it's funding etc from it might be a good idea to put a check box or something against an addon to say that this is small screen friendly - this has also been one of the biggest issues with the latest IPhone port and not something that is easily fixed atm
Just an Idea ....
DCW :whistle:
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Re: Restructuring of addons ?

Post by Dixie »

I have nothing against per se, but how would an add-on author determine wether or not his add-on is "small-screen friendly"? What are the requirements? Do you know them? Because I think that's where most of the issue lies... Nobody even suspected there could be compatibility issues between their work and portable devices before. Also, and I am talking without knowing here, maybe it's a problem with the idevice app in the first place?
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Re: Restructuring of addons ?

Post by doofus-01 »

I don't understand what you mean by "small-screen-friendly" either.
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Re: Restructuring of addons ?

Post by Captain_Wrathbow »

As I understand the problem, (not having used the app myself) on Dailin's new iPhone port/fork, add-ons with a large number of custom menu items can cause the app to crash. This is because the large number of options for the context menu cannot fit on the small screen.
I could be incorrect on that description; that is just what I have gleaned from reading about other people's problems.

I believe that Dailin plans to address the issue by making the right-click/context menu scrollable to make room for more items.
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Re: Restructuring of addons ?

Post by Iris »

If an add-on crashes Wesnoth, that is a bug that should be handled by the mainline developers or contributed port maintainers depending on the specific instance(s) of the Wesnoth codebase affected.

However, story screen background or custom Lua GUI2 dialog geometry issues and the like might need to be handled by the respective add-on maintainers in most cases — this also applies to the more rarely used custom GUI themes. I suspect that AtS could be one such affected add-on since there is a couple of story screen sequences in E3 that were coded under the assumption that the minimum resolution is 800x480. If that is not the case on iOS or other ports allowing the installation of arbitrary user-made content, those port maintainers should provide us with some set of guidelines to follow to ensure compatibility, and any necessary code features (such as a platform-conditional WML preprocessor symbol).

Of course, it would be far easier if we could test those smaller resolutions on vanilla Wesnoth. I really don’t know anything about the iOS port and the minimum display resolution(s) supported there.
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