Great idea : ).

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Great idea : ).

Post by ChaosRider »

I really dont like leavers, but much more i dont like people which of the game start known they will leave game couse they want to kill players fun of playing (example: joining to the colosseum map, spend all money for healing and leaving game -.-). That's why in my opinion could be:
- 5 leaved games in less than 10 minuts of game start in 1 same day = 2 days of ban (cant play as normal player but can be a observer).

This ban could works on login but also on ip player, couse this type of players have many logins :P.
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Re: Great idea : ).

Post by Crendgrim »

You should read the big sticky post on top of this forum:
Your post does not comply to the rules laid out there. I locking the topic therefore, but you're welcome to create a new one which is better laid out.

I also merged the two consecutive posts of yours. Please read the Posting Guidelines as well.

Coming to the idea itself, there is one problem about this: The server cannot always check whether a game is finished or not. Especially when it comes to UMC scenarios with custom events etc., the scenario can be set up in a way where the game is not finished with a "victory" event, but somehow else. Or it is a survival map where you are not expected to win (and only do so in very few cases). Or, you decide to call the game a draw, or to finish it later. How would this fit to your suggestion?
Another point is: How would such a ban be set up? Via IP? Or via nickname? The former could introduce some problems I'm not aware of, while the latter can be circumvented quite easily by using another nick.
This you should consider when writing a more detailed idea. :)
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