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A request ...

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I have recently picked up an old game project and I'm starting again from scratch. I have created the main character's sprite, and attempted to start animating. The short version is, I fail at it.

So, I'm looking for someone who could maybe block out animations for me. I can create all the base-frames, and shade, but animating is a real road-block, especially when I haven't worked with sprites of this size very much before. Literally all I need is outlines or flat-colors for some animations.

Here is the sprite of her holding a gun, if the base sprite is required with no gun that can be supplied but I am working on it still at the moment.


I am looking for a gun shot, and a fire attack first (her fingertips light up and form a fireball she throws). These are the two basic attacks you can use in the game's beginning. Anyone who helps will obviously recieve credit (and maybe a cameo appearance in-game).

Thanks for reading, and I really hope someone is able to aid me in this.
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