Glib errors about when erasing cache

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Glib errors about when erasing cache

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I occasionnally have errors "failed to load scenario" which I am totally unable to debug (including right now), even when resting my mind instead of ("stupidly") insisting. Then, usually (albeit not in the present case--yet), the error just disappears and I can go on working. I ended up thinking that, maybe, the engine reuses previous versions of my code even after using F5 (*) or restarting Wesnoth, even after erasing the cache!

This time, I started Wesnoth from the command line to get acces to user data more easily through {i}, and erased the cache while still under terminal: I received innumerable (more than my terminal standard output capacity!) Glib errors of the form:

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(pcmanfm:2245): GLib-CRITICAL **: 09:48:56.269: Source ID 34434 was not found when attempting to remove it
I thus suspect there to be a bug related to Wesnoth's cache, and possibly this bug to be the cource of my regular problems exposed above (would a major relief for me :) ).

Thank you.

(*) This F5 key should be very visibly documented.

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