Stacking units - smaller proposal

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Stacking units - smaller proposal

Post by shevegen »

I remember a few times how stacking units were suggested. The suggestions were turned down as far as I remember. I think it was mostly due to balance consideration which is fair enough (like 1 cavalry unit versus 3 cavalry units or so which is quite a huge improvement).

However had, what if stacking units is more like ... "a man and his dog"? Or "a knight and his pitman/squire"? Or a ninja and his raven scout on his shoulder?

These are just proposals. Small companions perhaps. Things that do not distort balance.

So let's put these three ideas out there; people can comment:

Normal levels ... 1, 2, 3.
At fourth level it may get a squire or something like that. This will increase the hp a bit and add something like self-healing +2 or +4. Or perhaps +1 movement aka the squire keeps the horses in good shape and such.

Ninja and raven: well, could be assassin rather than ninja, you get the idea. Raven ... could improve vision by +1 at night. Or at all times or such... perhaps vision +2. Could be useful in multiplayer campaigns with fog of war or so.

Man and his dog - let's say infantry unit. Dog would perhaps add +1 to melee strikes.

I think you can extend the above ideas. The more important thing is whether this could be added and whether it is useful.

I think the old stacking unit suggestions had this problem of balance consideration; and gameplay implications such as
... hp ... how much damage and such.

The above examples are much more modest and only provide a few extra "add ons".

This could be extended to many more units. It could be an additional upgrade for xp. Or could perhaps be bought
somewhere once a unit has level 3 or such.
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Re: Stacking units - smaller proposal

Post by Pentarctagon »

Well, it is an FPI, so I assume the stance still hasn't changed much.
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Re: Stacking units - smaller proposal

Post by Tad_Carlucci »

It seems to me that you could make a set of special units: Man, Dog, and Man-and-Dog. Have a context menu option to stack and unstack them. Unstack Man-and-Dog and it becomes just Man, and Dog appears. If the Dog is next to the Man, stack and the Dog disappears and Man becomes Man-and-Dog.

In a similar manner you could do a Boat (say, carries 3) and have it record who is on-board. This might be a bit different, though, since a Boat with nobody on-board cannot move, gets no counterattack, etc.

However you do it, you only have one "unit" for combat/balance/movement but can add/remove units based upon some criteria.

This is all an off-the-cuff idea and needs some more thinking, but I think it shows the basic concept.
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Re: Stacking units - smaller proposal

Post by ghype »

I planned to implement this concept in UMC factions in future. spent a lot thinking to this as well.
As in you have an archer/ranger stacked with a wolf/hunting dog. When the stacked unit is supposed to die, either the archer or the dog dies only and it remains one of the other lets say with only half of hp and looses some benefits.

something similar exists already with the monster rats. lv0 one rat, lv1 two rats, lv2 three rats. if the lv2 unit gets killed, instead of that it looses one rat only, means it decreases its level from lv2 back to lv1
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