Modder Designed AI Programs Or Input/Output AI

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Modder Designed AI Programs Or Input/Output AI

Post by axiomsofdominion » October 28th, 2016, 2:19 am

I've been considering the title topic for the game I've been developing and I figured I'd go somewhere with tons of modders to ask if they had any interest in the feature. Of course I think it would be nice if all strategy games had such a feature, and I'm here to discuss it and not my game itself.

Essentially there are many ways that strategy games allow player input on the AI. Scripting engine, files, etc.

What if the program, in a turn based game, were to output a file, probably binary, of the game state available to the player, then a program would read the file and output a binary file in response. The game would then make the moves outlined in that file.

This would allow the modder to create an entire program which could even have its own files to read in for various purposes and allow the modder a lot more power in trying to optimize. You could probably write separate AIs with different "personalities" as well.

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