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AS (Artificial Sillyness)

Post by Geos »

I very well now my WML got severly rusty but, running through my old campaign (Love To Death) I bumped into a couple of AI behaviors that I just can't understand well.

In scenario 1, my evil evil dude doesn't want to attack. Has no keep, true, but it should hit the good guys when they come around, right? There is no AI tag associated, so there is not funny instruction.

In the 4th scenario it get wicked. This is the AI for the side of animals that are supposed to be few and annoy the hero as it goes through the mountains:

Code: Select all

I would say that the animals would simply attack whatever they find, giving preference to humans rather than orcs, and will not care about villages. Well, turn 1, 3 wolfs close to the starting point of player 1. One captures a village and the other 2 run away, towards the Orcs... wth!?!?!

Any idea?

It would be much appreciated.
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Re: AS (Artificial Sillyness)

Post by Elvish_Hunter »

Ciao Geos,
first of all I can notice that you wrote aggresion instead of aggression.
Second, your standard unit filter for [target] is incorrect. Races don't start with caps: see this line from the Orcish Grunt .cfg:

Code: Select all

As for the first scenario, you can use the leader_aggression parameter.
Finally, you may consider updating to 1.8 syntax or using Lua AI if needed, but these aren't mandatory. :)
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