Writing workshop?

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Writing workshop?

Post by melinath »

I suggest that, like with art, there should be standards when it comes to mainline writing. I also suggest that, like with art, good writing can be learned. So I suggest that, like with art, there should be a workshop for improving writing. A place for people to discuss campaign dialog, story parts, and plot development. (NOTE: not a place for fanfiction, personal poetry, etc., just as the art workshop is not for self-portraits.)
There may be good reasons that such a thing does not exist. If there are, what are they?

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Re: Writing workshop?

Post by thespaceinvader »

That's what this forum, Scenario and Campaign development and Faction and Era development are for...
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Re: Writing workshop?

Post by Turuk »

I suggest that this thread serves no purpose as all of that currently exists.

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