mi editor cent save mi maps

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mi editor cent save mi maps

Post by gert123 »

why mi editor is not working? :cry: :evil: :( :o :hmm: :augh: when i create mi map i cant save it.please help me :cry: :cry: :cry: :?: :?: :?:
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Re: mi editor cent save mi maps

Post by Aethaeryn »

How to get help:

(1) Post in the right forum (Technical Support).
(2) Don't use smilies, except the rare occasions where one actually clarifies the meaning of the post.
(3) Say what version you use.
(4) Go into more detail describing your problem.
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Re: mi editor cent save mi maps

Post by Lizard »

(5) What Operating system are you using?
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Re: mi editor cent save mi maps

Post by LezzerLord »

Don't use spaces in the map name when you try to save it, maybe? Use underline_ instead.
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