[In Progress] Ladder Tournament #1

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[In Progress] Ladder Tournament #1

Post by Cackfiend »

UPDATE: Ladder Tournament #1 HAS BEGUN!

You can find the pairings posted in Discord and the Wesnoth forum (page 5 for rd 1). Good luck to everyone in their matches, and remember to have fun!

all replays can be found in the Ladder Discord (https://discord.gg/Ud3sKzf ladder account required) under the specific match's channel, and also posted to the Ladder website https://wesnoth.gamingladder.info/

Greetings! I am excited to announce the first Ladder Tournament!

The goal of this tournament is to thoroughly test the Ladder Era viewtopic.php?f=15&t=49964 (an era developed specifically for competitive 1v1s) before version 1.0 comes out, and to drum up more interest in the competitive Wesnoth scene. If 1v1 balance is important to you then I highly recommend joining this tournament and discussing the matches as they will be used to further balance the Ladder Era.

Please visit here to register for the Ladder: https://wesnoth.gamingladder.info/

I will be using a Swiss Magic: The Gathering style tournament structure. That means a certain number of rounds based on how many players are registered.

This will be a 6 round tournament since we have over 32 players.

Games will be Best of 3 (BO3)

Round 1 will be completely randomized. In Round 2 the 1-0 players will play the other 1-0 players, while the 0-1 players will play the other 0-1 players. Round 3 will consist of the 2-0 players playing eachother, the 1-1 players against eachother, and the 0-2 players against eachother. etc etc

if there is an odd number of players in different win/loss brackets then the system will assign them together. For example Rd 2 might have a single 1-0 player vs a 0-1 player.

After the rounds are over the Wins and Losses will be assessed to determine the top 8 remaining players who will then continue to a sudden death style playoff.

There will likely be 2 or 3 players with a 4-2 record in the Top 8

If there are multiple players with the same Win/Loss ratio then the strength of their opponents will determine who makes it into the top 8. For example, if you lose to someone that goes 6-0 in the tournament you will usually be a higher seed than someone with the same record as you that lost to someone that went 3-3. This could translate into your 4-2 record being good enough for top 8.

Tournament Rules:

1. All matches will be Best of 3, except the final match which will be Best of 5.

2. All participants will have One Week to finish their matches with their opponent.

3. Ladder Era will be used for all matches. Please make sure you are using version 0.1.6 viewtopic.php?f=15&t=49964

4. Ladder Classic Maps will be used for the random map. No Mirror and Shuffle Sides is required. No time limit. Players may pick their faction/leader if they'd like. If both players pick the same faction then they will each be given a chance to change their faction or continue with the mirror. Always confirm with your opponent that they are ready to start the match before starting (Basically, normal ladder games.) Excessively long turns (10-15+ mins) should be only when absolutely required. Have some common sense and decency here and don't abuse the no time limit rule. Under extreme circumstances I reserve the right to give someone a warning, a game loss and/or DQ them from the tournament if they are constantly taking excessive time for their turn. Taking long turns should only happen in the thick of units clashing on the battlefield, not while you're dancing around for positioning.

5. All games will be reported to the Ladder. Ladder account required to participate in the tournament. https://wesnoth.gamingladder.info/

6. Game names should be named like this: "Ladder Tournament RD# player vs player". For example: "Ladder Tournament RD1 Cackfiend vs DrakeKing". Game results should be posted here and preferably the Ladder Discord channel in the tournament text channel. After the game result is posted, a chat will open on the Ladder Discord to discuss the match https://discord.gg/Ud3sKzf but you can also discuss them here.

7. Cheating and Bad Sportsmanship will not be tolerated. Tensions can be high in tournament games, but make sure to be a graceful loser as well as a graceful winner. Let's have a good time, everyone :D

8. Observers are required to be allowed. Feel free to mute any and all observers if you'd like.

9. If two participants are in a stalemate and both wish to draw the match, they still need to play matches to complete a BO3, with the first player getting to 2 wins winning the round

10. All other issues or questions can be brought to me for clarification.

Registration is open for the month of January. The first week of matches will start February 1st.

UPDATE: The tournament is going to get a little early start with matches being posted late on Friday January 29th. This will give people an extra weekend to finish their matches.

Current Participants:
  • 1. Cackfiend (2-1)
    2. DrakeKing (4-0)
    3. matto (2-1)
    4. Spyrath (1-3)
    5. Krogen (2-1)
    6. clmates (1-2)
    7. NanRoig (1-2)
    8. KhorneflakesBA (1-2)
    9. Danniel_BR (3-1)
    10. Masukhi
    11. craken (1-1)
    12. abhijit (3-1)
    13. MasterBao (0-1)
    14. Chekhovs_Cannon (0-4)
    15. plk2 (3-1)
    16. Maboul (1-2)
    17. Huumy (1-2)
    18. Tropt
    19. BadHatHarry (1-2)
    20. LunaticPrincess (2-1)
    21. halder (2-1)
    22. Lukraak (2-1)
    23. DanielBRahma (0-2)
    24. quincy2112 (1-2)
    25. Arktos (3-0)
    26. diomed (3-0)
    27. Hardin (3-0)
    28. Vilebeggar (2-2)
    29. Estrada (2-1)
    30. noga (1-2)
    31. Zvhxii (4-0)
    32. GBudee (1-2)
    33. 2LettersSho (0-4)
    34. Tondo (2-1)
    35. Undertaker2 (1-2)
    36. Poison (0-2)
    37. Xplorer (2-1)
    38. Caritas (2-2)
    39. Mee (1-1)
    40. Zinnsoldat (0-0)
    41. arkel (1-2)
    42. Dreadnough (2-1)
    43. fyrm (0-2)
    44. StonyDrew (1-2)
    45. Remito (1-1)
    46. Megac1 (2-2)
    47. Skyend (1-1)
    48. Gallifax (2-2)
    49. hitandrun (2-1)

and finally, there may be some kind of trophy for the winner of the tournament ;)
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Re: [Open] Ladder Tournament #1

Post by matto »

i am in
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Re: [Open] Ladder Tournament #1

Post by Spyrath »

I would like to participate as well.
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Re: [Open] Ladder Tournament #1

Post by Krogen »

Been a while since i've had a good 1v1 tournament, i'm in.
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Re: [Open] Ladder Tournament #1

Post by clmates »


I would like to participate

Best regards

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Re: [Open] Ladder Tournament #1

Post by lhurgoyf »

Hi... i want to participate.... not sure which account in ladder, i want tocontact cackfiend to reset my pasword thanx
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Re: [Open] Ladder Tournament #1

Post by NanRage »


Sign me in please if posible.

My Ladder account is NanRoig but I lost forum password... ;)

Many thanks in advance.


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Re: [Open] Ladder Tournament #1

Post by Danniel_BR »

Hey. Count me in
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Re: [Open] Ladder Tournament #1

Post by Masukhi »

Hi guys,i want to participate
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Re: [Open] Ladder Tournament #1

Post by csarmi »

I'm in. Please ping me on discord when it starts, I won't be following this thread closely until it does.
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Re: [Open] Ladder Tournament #1

Post by abhijit »

I'd like to participate. Thanks for organising.
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Re: [Open] Ladder Tournament #1

Post by MasterBao »

I will play - add me pls
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Re: [Open] Ladder Tournament #1

Post by Chekhovs_Cannon »

I've never done a tournament before but I've been meaning to get into it. Sign me up!
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Re: [Open] Ladder Tournament #1

Post by plk2_ »

I want play - sign me in pls.
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Re: [Open] Ladder Tournament #1

Post by Maboul »

put me in, already 15 players, that sounds good :)
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