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Spanish Translation

Post by _saeros_ »

Well, I'm spanish and I have a little idea of english, I have a degree of EOI (an english school in spain) but I have been 2 years whithout studying anything, so I have lost much level.

I would like to help accord my possibilities with the spanish translation, because as you can now I don't know how to write in english very well but y understand it.

I'm also and imaginative person so I can help with some ideas because we all know that some english words or names are usefull in spanish.

(Sorry if my english is very traditional, it has passed 5 years since I was last in england and I have lost all my coloquial vocabulary)
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Post by vonHalenbach »

Hi saeros,nice that you want to help us!
Welcome to the world of wesnoth.

It would be best to contact the maintainer of the spanish translation (Roberto Romero) first, to coordiante translation work, to not make anything twice. Are you already familiar with the translation-tools? If not, Roberto or i can help you to set it up (it is not very difficult).
Here is the contact information:

Imagination is a very handy skill when you translate a campaign, because to translate it good, you have to change sometimes quite a bit to convey the message right. Poor translations are word for word, so please be free as much as you like.

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Post by _saeros_ »

Wow thanks, there's a little problem, it's the first time I hear about translation tools, jejeje but I think I can learn with some help.

Nice to meet u
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Post by kilder »

Hi! Nice to meet you! We always welcome new people who are ready to help :)

There's a dedicated spanish translation thread here that you can check (, there you'll find what needs to be done, what tools should you use, etcetera.

And if you know any other Spanish language, such as gallego, euskera, catalan, valencian/catalan, asturianu, aragones or whatever, you can help any of these translations (or create it, if it doesn't exist)

See you!
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Post by torangan »

Translations tools are simply programs designed to make things easier. You can use a simple texteditor or a tool like poEdit which will try to support you in doing so.
WesCamp-i18n - Translations for User Campaigns:

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