Quandary with Backstab

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Quandary with Backstab

Post by Kyr »

If i'm darting around someones backside, sinking a dagger into his spine, how is he counterattacking?
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Post by Emmanovi »

You stab him, and then he whips round to attack you.

And its KISS.
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Post by Soliton »

How do you counterattack when you get a fire ball in the face?

hint: WINR
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Post by irrevenant »

I think a better question is: if
(a) you get additional damage for stabbing in the back; and
(b) your target turns around to counterattack after the first backstab; then

how come you get additional damage for the later strikes?

Short answer: WINR in its role as loyal champion of KISS...
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Post by zookeeper »

Solution: "backstab" doesn't mean just a stab in the back literally, but more like "surprise attack". Or whatever ability that's more effective when the enemy is a bit distracted.
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