Loyal assassin not auto-recalled in SotBE "Giving Some Back"

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Loyal assassin not auto-recalled in SotBE "Giving Some Back"

Post by revolting_peasant » August 28th, 2018, 9:43 pm

I'm playing Son of the Black Eye - well, on and off - for the first time, and enjoying it :-)

I've reached Scenario 12, "Giving Some Back". Strangely enough, one of my loyal troops - Plonk the Assassin - is not recalled. I'm used, from most campaigns, to all Loyal troops being auto-recalled when the scenario starts, and this is also the case here for all other loyals - specifically, the other loyal assassin, Jetto.

So - probably a bug.

I'm using Wesnoth 1.14.4, built from sources on a Devuan 2.0 ASCII machine.

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