[Solved]Missing Victory Dialogues and Events

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[Solved]Missing Victory Dialogues and Events

Post by Thronwen » August 25th, 2017, 11:57 pm


I'm currently playing the campaign Legend of Wesmere and it seems the victory dialogues and Events are not showing up.
I confirmed they are in the scenario configs, but they just aren't used as it seems.

I noticed it during "The Saurian Treasury", where I didn't receive the 1800 Gold after finishing the scenario.
Which is not that bad honestly as I am still able to finish the next scenario, BUT I then don't have the gold to hire Olurf nor am I even asked to hire him after finishing the scenario.

I'm playing on Challenging.

Game Version:

Code: Select all

The Battle for Wesnoth version 1.13.7
Running on Microsoft Windows 10 (10.0.15063)

Game paths

Data dir:        D:\Spiele\Wesnoth 1.13
User config dir: C:\Users\Robert\Documents\My Games\Wesnoth1.13
User data dir:   C:\Users\Robert\Documents\My Games\Wesnoth1.13
Saves dir:       C:\Users\Robert\Documents\My Games\Wesnoth1.13/saves
Add-ons dir:     C:\Users\Robert\Documents\My Games\Wesnoth1.13/data/add-ons
Cache dir:       C:\Users\Robert\Documents\My Games\Wesnoth1.13\cache


Boost:     1.59
Cairo:     1.10.2 (runtime 1.10.2)
Pango:     1.30.1 (runtime 1.30.1)
SDL:       2.0.4  (runtime 2.0.4)
SDL_image: 2.0.0  (runtime 2.0.0)
SDL_mixer: 2.0.0  (runtime 2.0.0)
SDL_ttf:   2.0.12 (runtime 2.0.12)
libpng:    1.5.14 (runtime 1.5.14)


Experimental OpenMP support:    yes
PNG screenshots:                yes
Lua console completion:         yes
Legacy bidirectional rendering: no
Win32 notifications back end:   yes
I added the replay and the save I made for turn 1 in order to skip the dialogue when restarting. I disabled Autosaves before that in order to avoid getting tempted into save/load shenanigans... But I guess I'll activate Autosaves for the future again.
(38.74 KiB) Downloaded 39 times
(35.98 KiB) Downloaded 38 times
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Re: Missing Victory Dialogues and Events

Post by gfgtdf » August 26th, 2017, 12:09 am

you seen be using wesnoth 1.13.7 which si not the latest wesntoh version (which is 1.13.8). Do these problems also appear on wesnoth 1.13.8 ?
Scenario with Robots SP scenario (1.11/1.12), allows you to build your units with components, PYR No preperation turn 1.12 mp-mod that allows you to select your units immideately after the game begins.

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Re: Missing Victory Dialogues and Events

Post by Thronwen » August 26th, 2017, 12:16 am

Let me check that.

I just checked with the victory dialogues of the other scenarios and I can at least remember the first scenario working as intended.

Okay... it seems that solved it. After finishing the replay in 1.13.8 (continuing to play on the last move) the dialogue shows up again.

Thanks mate with the unpronouncable name :)

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