Add-on server updated translations

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Add-on server updated translations

Post by Pepe » October 26th, 2014, 10:37 am


I know that add-on maintainers are updating add-ons to get them ready for 1.12 version.

But what about translations?

As you can see at next post, it looks that add-on translations have not been updated since april 2014. ... 15#p577081

I sent a mail to AI in august 2014 with Spanish translations for some add-ons and nothing was updated.

I have post some translations at forum that I would like to see with add-ons in next 1.12 version of the game: ... 40#p577120 ... 75#p577105 ... 45#p577111 ... 45#p577119 ... 15#p577110 ... 75#p577109 ... 60#p577108 ... 65#p577107 ... 45#p577106

I hope this will be enough for add-on maintainers to add the new translations to their add-ons.


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Re: Add-on server updated translations

Post by Chewan » October 28th, 2014, 1:28 am

… translations have not been updated since april 2014.
ehm, … at least. Some might have been waiting for two years.
Surely, not only the Spanish translating team (or Pepe)
is waiting for a solution to the problem.

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