Olurf no-show at Elves' Last Stand

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Olurf no-show at Elves' Last Stand

Post by Stabs » February 23rd, 2014, 2:32 pm

Hello again. In hindsight, there was another bug in the game.

During the Elves' Last Stand, I kept hoping for Olurf to show up. Finally, around turn 11, I was asked where to place Olurf. Then there was a conversation, no matter which side I picked for him to appear in. The conversation, this was odd, was entirely between Kalenz and Landar. It went like this.

'Olurf finally showed up!'
'It's not much of an army he's showing up with, though.'
'Why are there so few of you? Was the gold not enough?'
'What expenses?'
'That explains why they're so reckless in battle...'
'Enough, gentlemen! We have a battle to fight!'

At first, I thought that was on purpose; I'm used to the strong emotions involved in Battle for Wesnoth, and that was one of the biggest :shock: moments in the campaign so far. It was friggin' hilarious to watch the conversation unfold and imagine what Olurf's faceless assistant's off-screen lines and excuses for not showin' up may have been. But then I realized the objectives included Olurf, so he should've at least showed up on the map. Is this intentional?

I picked Medium difficulty. I also read on the forums that there's another elven captain; there's also a fort on the southeast corner of the map, which has always been empty for me. I'm making the connection that the other elven side could've showed up there.

I'm getting concerned that I might've taken a week to beat a buggy map :augh: . For the record, I did pay Olurf the 500 gold he asked for in the previous map in order to hire him and troops as a mercenary.

Again, I'm using Windows 7 professional, and Wesnoth 1.11.8.

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Re: Olurf no-show at Elves' Last Stand

Post by Maiklas3000 » June 22nd, 2014, 8:09 pm

I have the same problem with Olurf not showing in LoW:Elves' Last Stand. I played until turn 22. I did not get a dialog about Olurf in this scenario. I'm on 1.11.15, hard, Linux.

In the previous scenario, Kalenz said (to Olurf), "There will be a big fight with the orcs in Wesmere very soon. If you can cover our flank to the north, I will pay you 400 gold." I finished the previous scenario with 1071 gold plus early finish bonus, there is 80% gold carryover, and I start Elves' Last Stand with 701 gold, so it must have taken the 400 gold to pay Olurf to help me in Elves' Last Stand.

I have not yet been able to beat Elves' Last Stand, so I sure wish Olurf would show up.

Edit: Now I've beat the scenario (without Olurf) and finally I got the dialog with Olurf after the end. However, the dialog is about Olurf supplying troops, which he didn't.

Never trust a dwarf.

Edit2: As per the discussion in the scenario review thread, apparently it's intentional that Olurf now shows up after the end. So, the dialog needs to be changed.
No sign of Olurf's keep.
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