1.9.6 and false campaign statistics

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1.9.6 and false campaign statistics

Post by Faello »

Recently I've moved from 1.8 branch to 1.9. branch to play some campaigns with updated graphics and give some feedback to campaign creators and developers.

I've noticed that after couple of scenarios in Tale of the Two Brothers my overal damage inflicted in the last scenario was like +90% to what should've been inflicted in the whole campaign according to wesnoth stats - it happened at the end of scenario 3, turn 20 (this WML bug is visible on the replay I've posted in the AToTB Campaign Feedback HERE)

Now, the same thing happened to me in my new HttT campaign at the end of scenario 3, turn 20 (you can see the same WML bug again on the replay I've posted HERE)

I got following information: Error: empty side = and no [filer_side] is deprecated

When it happens, it automatically resets the total damage that player should inflict to the initial scenario stats (doesn't mess up the taken damage tho'). It doesn't mess the replay stats, but it does mess the savegame stats. Some screenshots:

You can do the math using screenshots 1 and 3 - my estimated inflicted damage should be 2839,1

...and saves proving my point:
The Bay of Pearls mission save before the bug occured. Notice the 1554 estimated total damage value in the stats.
(11.74 KiB) Downloaded 148 times
The Bay of Pearls autosave turn 20, just after the bug occured. Notice the same 1554 estimated total damage inflicted value in the stats
(65.12 KiB) Downloaded 155 times
Next mission save, bug is still visible in the stats
(19.46 KiB) Downloaded 145 times
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Re: 1.9.6 and false campaign statistics

Post by Robsoie »

Using 1.9.6 on window XP SP3, i noticed the same error in the shipped with the default Wesnoth campaign " A Tale Of Two Brothers " too.

I have not played much of 1.9.6 , it was the first campaign i tried after installing, and in the 2nd mission, at the very end when the party capture an undead mage and win the scenario, there is an armored character that come and offer his help by joining the player current party for the next mission.
After accepting him joining, the error message appeared.
But it was not a game breaker as the next mission loaded apparently without a problem.

For some reason despite i selected "english" in the installer, i notice that during this campaign a few dialogues are in my OS language (french) while most of the dialogues and menu are in english as i wanted it to be when setting the installer option to "english".
That's annoying.

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Re: 1.9.6 and false campaign statistics

Post by Anonymissimus »

Deprecation messages aren't bugs. It's only a message that something will become a bug somewhen in the future if nothing is done about it.
And it's most likely unrelated to statistics bugs.
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Re: 1.9.6 and false campaign statistics

Post by boru »

In case anyone doesn't know, you make the error message go away by typing

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